15th Festival of Tolerance officially opened

15th Festival of Tolerance officially opened

Last night, the 15th Festival of Tolerance, a cultural-educational program that encourages reflection and the creation of a more tolerant society, was officially opened in the Zagreb cinema of the Student Center. The festival opened with a concert by the Austrian artpop duo Dramas, whose minimalist and deeply moving music intertwined with the atmospheric sounds of synthesizers and drums.

After the concert, viewers were able to watch the Norwegian drama Betrayed, directed by Eirik Svensson, the film follows the experiences of a Jewish family who were deported to Auschwitz after being arrested durting WW2.

Visitors could also watch a video installation "Mi.", produced under the auspices of UNHCR Croatia, which was created by the production company Sekvenca, and directed by one of the most important Croatian directors of the younger generation, Jure Pavlović. The intention of the installation was to raise awareness of the refugee problem by reminding the public that such a situation can happen to anyone and that refugees should be viewed in the same way as we observe ourselves.

The opening was enhanced by a particularly emotional violin performance dedicated to the late Branko Lustig, and performed by the extremely talented and award-winning violin student Matej Mijalić. He performed the main musical theme from the film Schindler’s List. The opening ceremony was attended by: the envoy of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Melita Molić, delegate of the Minister of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Anuška Deranja Crnokić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Education, Mr. Tomislav Paljak, Ombudsman, Ms. Tena Šimonović Einwalter, envoy of the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Gordan Bosanac, delegate of the President of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, Mrs. Rada Borić, Ambassador of the Republic of Israel, HE E. Mr. Ilan Mor, Ambassador of Hungary, HE E. Mr. Csaba Demcsak, Representatives of the City Offices of the City of Zagreb, UNHCR Representative in Croatia, Ms. Anna Rich and many other prominent figures from public and cultural life.

"I am extremely glad that we have been advocating tolerance for 15 years, encouraging visitors to think and change the paradigm. Through constructive discussions we can become a more open society, a society more willing to tolerate others, and the full acceptance of minorities. We can become a better society. Ahead are days of top film, exhibitions, concerts and discussions, we have the most tolerant program so far. Enjoy with us both at Bundek and at the SC cinema for the next 10 days, and live tolerance 365 days a year. " Nataša Popović, director of the Festival of Tolerance, said, thanking the collaborators, partners and donors for their support and inviting the audience to enjoy 10 days of free top program.

At 20.00, the melodies of the band Vlatko Stefanovski trio will resound with Bundek. After a long time, Vlatko Stefanovski Trio plays in Zagreb and will perform an open air concert on Bundek for the first time, where they will premiere their new album, but will also play some of the biggest hits of one of the most original and famous groups from ex Yu - Leb and Salt.

Today in the film program at 18.00 you can watch the film Pack directed by Tomaš Plensky. The film follows a gifted 16-year-old goalkeeper with diabetes who joins a new hockey team, where he becomes an outsider struggling with worsening and stronger outbreaks of peer abuse.

At 8.30pm you can watch the great comedy Ninjababy. The plot follows the main actress who finds out too late that she is pregnant with a person with whom she had a romantic relationship for one night. As she is not ready to become a mother, things get complicated, but this is where Ninjababy appears, an animated character who makes her everyday life miserable.

At 9.30 pm, the program includes the excellent musical film Rockfield: Studio on the Farm, directed by Hannah Berryman. The film follows two brothers in a remote Welsh village who, despite preparations to take over the family farm, dream of making music. They come up with a bold idea to build a studio in the attic of their farm and start recording their own tunes. The animals are thrown out of the stables, and the musicians move into Grandma’s guest room. Inadvertently, they establish the first independent recording studio in their own home: Rockfield.

Find high resolution photos of photographers Sanjin Kaštelan and Jan Serdar at the link: https://we.tl/t-ZxgLLRcos2

Objavljeno: July 2nd, 2021